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Backup exec hanging occassionally

Level 2

We have an occasional issue with our Backup Exec 20 where it seems to hang on discovering resources. 

Last friday the first job of the day started as scheduled... however it hang on Active: Discovering resources and then hours later when the next 2 jobs were meant to kick in the job status showed Ready : No writable idle devices available. 

However the tape library has 2 tape drives to it so even if the job was using one there should have been another device available.

A reboot appeared to resolve this (then post reboot all the jobs that should have run on the weekend tried to run) but it is not the first time that it has happened. Is there anything you can suggest to resolve this long term as it is an annoyance when it does happen.


Level 2

Had this happen again last week. Except this time there was one "active" backup on Active: Snapshot Processing - Backup on 3.71GB and one backup on Active: Discovering Resources. Both seem to be hung and are none responsive.


I also tried to restart Backup exec services however the services seem to be stuck as they are not even moving from running. 

A reboot resolved this however I would like to try find out why this keeps on happening.