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Backup exec on file server


Customer wants to install the backup exec server on the its existing file server itself.

How feasible it is, are there any challenges associated like disadvangates?

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Re: Backup exec on file server

Lots of Backup Exec customers do that so not really an issue (as long as file server is NOT virtualized, see below*):

Key Benefits:

- No need for a second set of server hardware (with associated racking costs)

- Gain against use of network (LAN) bandwidth (depending on device being backed up to)


- Slightly more complicated DR process in the event of complete failure of your file server

- Memory and CPU usage will be higher (mainly during backup/resore operations) - Requirements for CPU and RAM are a lot higher if deduplication is in use.


*Backup Exec can run a virtual server but cannot write to physical tape (using passthrough technologies) which slightly reduces the options for where you are backing up to if the Backup Exec Server is virtualized. I belive you will also be limited against using our virtual agent backup technology (which has some major benefits when it comes to DR resores of VMs)