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Backup exec server service not starting

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We recently installed backup exec 10d on to our backup server and everything seemed fine. Then in the last couple of days we installed the CPS component on to it as well which went problem free.

Now we can open the CPS console Ok but when trying to open the Backup exec console it just hangs indefinately , further research has shown that the backup exec server service in constantly in a state of "starting" although it never completes this but neither does it fail.

Tried to remove CPS but the windows installer freezes after completing about 30 %.
So now we are stuck in a loop of not being able to start backup exec or uninstall any software to perform a re-install and desperately need to get this working.

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What is the error in the application event logs. Please paste the error so that we could continue with further troubleshooting.


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I have the same error...

Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

Now .. I've read this help page ( - but this just tells you how to get rid of the error... but it doesn't tell me how to get the service started...

It doesn't matter how long i wait for the service to start.. it never does..



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Is Backup Exec installed on a MSDE or SQL instance?

Are the Backup Exec services (apart from Remote Agent for Windows Servers service) started with Domain Administrator Account?

Try starting the services with Local System Account..

Any error in Application Event Log?

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