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Backup failing due to "Remote agent connection being lost"

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I've got a bit of fustrating problem, 1 of the 2 servers backed up is failing all the time.

I noticed it was complaing about Remote agent connection lost, So i completely uninstalled the remote agent from the 2nd server, rebooted and then installed it again and it's still complaining. see attached.

I can ping and browse the server no problem, from the media backup server to agent and vice versa.

When i looked at the history it's backing up data and an accurate amount for what i would expect but still failing, it's like it's failing the verification stage. see attached.




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Check the event logs on both server being backed up and server performing the backup to make sure thare are no crashes (application faults)

If nothing obvious then you will probably need to look at debug logs (and working with formal support for help on this) but as Backup Exec 2012 (assuming you have tagged the version correctly) is out of support you will need to consider upgrading from the 6 year old (and no longer supported) version of Backup Exec onto a current version.


Thanks for the reply, well I went through some Windows logs and it mentions about SQL.

We have an SQL instance "AUTODESKVAULT" and when i go to test the credentials option and test all it errors on this one only. see attached.

I've changed the account to the local administrator account for that server and also the network administrator but it still says test failed.