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Backup fails with 0xe000035b after Server 2012 R2 -> 2019 upgrade

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Running BE 20.6

Backups were all successfully completing on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. We upgraded the host server to Windows 2019 Essentials (the host machine is also the DC), and now the system state backup for the host server is failing:

Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe000035b - The consistency check of the snapshot for the Microsoft Active Directory, ADAM or AD LDS transaction log has failed.  You should check for possible data corruption in the transaction log that is online.
Final error category: Resource Errors

We have rebooted the server into AD repair mode and checked for corruption (both integrity/consistency check and a semantic check), with no errors reported. Searches online for this error yield nothing useful other than "try rebooting again"...

Is there any way to futher diagnose this (or better yet, fix it?)



Thanks for the reply. There is no vCenter server here -- this is a physical machine. There are no virtual machines involved (no vmware, and no hyper-v)

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Create a new job to backup this server.  If this works, recreate your job.

Thanks for the suggestion. This turns out to be the first thing I did in order to maintain my sanity as I was reproducing the issue (in order to reduce the time to failure).

I have also disabled all virus software and uninstalled all non essential software and services (all of which worked under server 2012 R2). I have also rebooted countless times (both restart and full power down and start up)

I wish there was some additional logging or diagnostics I could look at instead of just an opaque error code.

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Have you tried to reinstall BE agent software? 

I've just completed a repair of the installation using the original BE .iso media and the problem persists... Since the BE server and the DC are on the same machine, no remote agents are involved...