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Backup failure Exchange 2007 with Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 SP3

Level 2
Since I installed SP3 backup of Exchange mit GRT fails with the following error.
Alle Hotfixes of Symantec and all Windows Updates are installed.
What shell I do to make the backup work, I have no one since 4th january

Level 6

Please go through this Symantec KB:
Exchange Agent How to: Configuration requirements to backup or restore Exchange 2007 and to perform Exchange GRT (Granular Recovery Technology) backups or restores with Backup Exec for Windows Servers (BEWS)

Level 2
Hi Dev T!
I think you missunterstood my problem - it worked fine till 4th january, then I installed SP3 and the following hotfixes but since this time it never worked.
So the problem is not ho to configure the exchange agent but I think there is a massive bug in SP3 which causes the error.
I also have troubles to backup files on an other server and here also comes the message, that the files are damaged.
But this isnt true, they work fine and chkdsk find no errors.
Both problems consist at the highest drive letter - I read in a forum of an other user who has similar problems.
Exchange DB and Files from the highest drive letter can't be backuped because of error which are not there.
How can I solve this trouble?
Thank you!

In this thread they had exactly the same problem as I have - but no solution

Level 6
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Have you applied hotfix 337202?  If you haven't please apply this Hotfix on the Media and exchange server and try the backup again.