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Backup from tape to disk

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I have two servers running backup exec 12.5 to tape.
 I want to replicate the backup to disk in an another office nearby  for safety reasons.
Is it possible to include i the same backup job, after backup to tape is finish copy what's on the backup tape to disk ?

Level 6
 You would use policies and not a backup job.  

You would also need CASO as well more than likely.  Without CASO, the two BE servers will not know about each other.  Of course you can duplicate your backup job to a UNC path that is over a WAN.  

Just note, that BE doesnt like dropped packets, so make sure that you have a solid link with a low latency and low dropped packet rate.  

Adding in Dedupe would be a good idea in your scenario.

Level 6

As well as  tevia-boy's points, you would not want to run a backup, but rather DUPLICATE job