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Backup job hangs in 'verify' phase indefinitely

Level 2
We're running version 12.0 on a Windows 2003 server. We have 3 LaCie drives in a device pool to which the backup jobs are saved. The backups do complete, however, they get stuck in the verify phase indefinitely. This seems to be a relatively new problem. Is this a configuration issue, a drives issue, do I need a patch ? Please help!

Level 6
Have you set it to Eject or not? If you have then try not ejecting and vice versa. Some tape drives like the eject and others don't. Run live updates to the latest patch/hotfixes reboot your machine and try again.

Level 2
We're using three LaCie hard drives for backups, there is no eject option available. We will be running LiveUpdate tonight though. Thanks for the heads up.

Level 5
Are your backups still hanging on the verifcation stage? I don't see anything in the knowledge base for this particular issue. Perhaps run checkdisk on the HDDs?

Level 6
If you TEMPORARILY turn off verify, does the backup job then fully complete successfully?  What if then try and manually run a verify job of that data?