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Backup job rates are not so awesome...

Level 3

I recently had to reload Windows 2012 R2 and BackupExec 15.

I was able to do a migration of the BE data and configurations.  I got the system online, but the job rate speeds are extremely slow.
The server is a Dell PowerEdge R710. I have updated the server to highest Windows security patches, and I have also updated the Qlogic BCM5709C network drivers to

I am not sure what else to do as the job rates used to be around 3,000 MB and now are transferring at half that speed. Not sure where to look.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks, Al


Level 6

Please tell us more about your environment.  What changed from your old setup to your new setup.  Are you backing up to disk or tape?

Basically, you need to determine where the bottleneck is in your new configuration.  That is typically done by changing things one at a time and see if the speed changes.  If you back up something different, what happens to the speed?  If you backup to a different target (typically swap disk and tape temporarilly, what happens to the speed?

Hi Larry,

I am backing up over disk, usb 3.0.
The only thing that has changed is that the server was reloaded.

3/4 servers are virtual on Vsphere server.


Level 6

Try to run a local backup from your R710 Backup Exec server to your USB 3 disk.

If it is fast, then you can concentrate on your Vsphere and/or network as the source of the bottleneck.

If it is slow, then you can concentrate on your R710 and/or the USB 3 disk and ignore the vsphere.

So it looks like the USB 3.0 card may have died coincidentally. I am going to replace it and see if that corrects the problem.

Well, I got the USB card issue resolved. I backed up locally and the rate was about on par with what it was before.
The backing up over the network appears to be slower than previously. Not sure what settings I need to address here, as the drivers have all been updated. I am getting gb connection speed.


As the issue is network related; you might want to check / compare your network card settings / configuration and ensure they are all the same on both sides, including Netdma, RSS and TCP Chimney
That command gives you some info:
    netsh int tcp show global

Additionally as you mentioned 3/4 of your servers are VM ; is the issue just seen when backing up the VM or every machine (physical and remote)?