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Backup job size impossibly large

Level 5
Using Backup Exec 12.5 on Windows Server 2008.

I have a backup job that, upon completion, is showing a byte count of slightly over 2 TB.  I fail to see how this is possible, as this job is backing up only the majority of folders on one hard drive on a server, and that drive is 1.04 TB.

How on Earth is it possible that my backup job is using 2 TB when the most it could be backing up is 1.04 TB?  I double and triple checked my selection list, and I simply cannot figure this out.

Please advise, and thanks in advance. 

Level 5
For anyone who may find this information useful in the future, I found what I believe to be the solution.

During my rolling upgrade from BE 10d to 12.5, my selection lists were lost, though backups continued working.  The result of this was simply that I could not edit my selection lists, which would probably eventually cause a problem, but it was fine at the time.  Fast forward 7 months and I finally got around to recreating all of my selection lists.  However, I did not delete the old ones; I just edited them.  I figured that since nothing was selected, they would not retain information from the old lists.  I was wrong.  :)  I had to delete the old lists since there was no way to deselect the old data and create the lists from scratch.