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Backup jobs just hang.

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Dear All,

Sine about two, three weeks, I have been experiencing a weird issue: The scheduled jobs start. but then at random times and random servers they just stop running. Don't fail, don't stop. Just hanging at some source and don't do anything. The only thing I can do is to kill the engine as cancel does not work. This is a big problem as when the job decides to stop at one of the first machines, all other devices below are not backed up.

Restarting the server did not work. No errors in the log either.

We run BE 2010 R3.

Any help much appreciated.



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Hi Michael,


Is BE 2010 R3 patched with SP2 and any additional patches? If not, do so and try again.

Does it hang at the same point in the backup job at the same time? If so, then check to see if there aren't any maintenance tasks running...


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Are you backing up to disc or tape?

Did you say that if you have to kill the engine all of the other jobs fail?  Are you backing up all the servers together?  If so break up the job into seperate jobs (such as backing up Exchange by itself). 

Look in Windows events to see what may be happening previous to the backup stopping?

Make sure that your virus protection has an exception for Backup Exec.