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Backup jobs stay in a Queue state for a long time.

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Hi all
We have a problem to execute the backup jobs from a BE appliance console.All jobs stay in an "Active:Queued" for a long time and don't transfer any data.gpe.pngThe jobs are send to deduplication disk storage. 
We can review the TN:
but not "po_list_2" are present on the Deduplication Storage Folder Path\databases\catalog.

Also review the TN:
but no "*.lck" files are present.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Please check if there is enough space available on Deduplication drive and it is not full. Incase of lower disk space run manual space reclaimation :

Thanks and Regards

Hi Riyaj

Thanks for your answer but the space is not the problem; the disk is at 50% of occupation.
Any other idea?

Thanks for your support.


Is this still an issue, and is the SQL Server service using a lot of CPU while the jobs are queued? 

Can you run an inventory on teh Deduplication folder and check if you see any errors?


What is the version if Backup Exec?

Is this BE Appliance?


Hi Keith
Yes, we have yet the issue.
But I review and the SQL service is not using a significant CPU, the resource monitor don't show us any anormal usage.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Milind
An inventory is running now, when it finishes, I will share the results.
Is a BackupExec appliance 3600 R4 with BE 15 :(

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This knowledge base article sounds similar to your issue.

"Backups stay queued or run at reduced job rate and take long to mount media in Deduplication Storage Folder" -