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Backup jobs staying queued until the job fails

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 I am running Backup exec 10.0 sp3 on a windows 2003 R2 server running sp1.
the backup jobs keep showing a status of queued and staying that way until the job fails because it went past the time window that had been set. 
if I restart the "backup exec job engine" service, backups run fine for 2-3 days, then go right back to the same issue with them being queued until they fail. 
the only workaround I've been able to come up with is to schedule a task to run in windows to restart this service.
Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Level 6

if you are on build 5484, there is SP5

But you can also upgrade to 5520 SP2

Both available from the Downloads page at

Filter for "Install" and/or   "Patch"

v10d is also a free upgrade from v10.0  and  Build 5629+SP3 was pretty stable. 

Level 6

Whenever a job stays in QUEUED state, it means thta Backup Exec is not able to get the DESTINATION in our case the TAPE Drive. There is a communication issue between Backup Exec and the Drive.

1  : Open Backup Exec, go to the Media Tab right click the Tape Drive and select disable, right click again and select Delete, Restart all the BE Services (This will force Backup Exec to search the TAPE again)

2  : Go to the Media Tab, right click the Server Name and click on Pause, and unpause it again.

Hope this helps !!!

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Thank you Dev T.
I had the same problem and was really getting worried because I did'nt have a good recent backup. I followed your instructions and now it is working.