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Backup of SQL Server does not truncate log file??

Level 4
I just completed a backup of our SQL server. The details are:
DB Name: JLRXAPP.mdf Size: 20GB
DB Log: JLRXAPP_Log.ldf Size: 45GB

The 45GB log file is still on the SQL Server. I thought it would be truncated after a full backup but it hasn't- why?

FYI, the backup was to the Backup Server's HDDs, and took 46 minutes.

SQL Server is V2000, BE V10.1 Rev 5629, Windows Server 2003 SP1

Level 3
You missed my main point. If you are only running a transaction log backup after your main backup you are gaining almost nothing from running in Full Recovery mode and may as well switch to Simple mode where your transaction logs will no longer grow to be an issue.

However, if you do decide you definately want to run in Full recovery mode and only backup the transaction logs at the same time as the Full backup all you need to do is set up two jobs in the policy, one for the full back up with the schedule set as normal, and the other for the transaction log backups with the schedule set to run only according to rule. Then set up a rule "After completes, start " And set first template to the full backup and second template to the Transaction logs backup.