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Backup of Virtual Machine from BackapExec 2012


When I try to make a backup of a Virtual Machine, BackupExec say me that can't make the job because it can't log in to the server with de account that I configured (Error code 0xe0009b61).
That is the administrator account from the Virtual Machine.
The test of credentials finish successfully, but I can't run the job because that error.
My Hypervisor is VMWare.
The virtual machine is Windows 2008 Server with the Windows agent installed in it.
I am configuring a Backup Exec 2012.
Note: Backup Exec is installed in a server that is Active Directory member, but the Virtual Machine is out of it.
What is wrong? How I can resolve it?
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Have you added the vCenter or

Have you added the vCenter or the ESX ? (Where are you the selecting the VM from ?)

Have a look at this KB for the permissions required -

OR are you backing up the VM as a physical server using the remote agent for windows ? If yes, how is the account added in Backup Exec ?