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Backup sets shows as empty after some time. Unable to restore files.

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I have a very strange behavior from backups. I needed to restore some files from couple days ago. Files showing up in backup set. Files showes as file synthesized. After selecting them and restoring it finished successfully. But it restores only directories but no files at all.


Last FULL backup was on 2022-02-25. When I try to restore from it I get this. I cant see any directories. While full backup is over 2.5TB




And after looking at other differential and incremental backup I see what I cant see anything in backup from 2022-04-04. As you see in the picture everything above 2022-04-04 I can see files but unable to restore because full backup shows as empty. And every set bellow 2022-04-05 shows as empty. Please help!




Check what setting you have in Configuration & Settings - Backup Exec settings - Catalog - Truncate catalog after....
If this box is ticked, then after the time specified the catalogs will get truncated More information on this (and lots more besides..!) can be found in this useful technote: - Backup Exec Catalogs

I can create a similar view to your last screenshot by truncating my catalogs prior to 10/05/22 - eg

As per the technote - if the catalog files are set to truncate:
"...The header files remain and a full restore can be performed.  For file folder level restore, a catalog job will need to be run.."

Hi. Thank you for reply. Truncate catalog is unchecked at my settings.


Level 2

While looking in catalog folder I found this. Normal size files is visible only from 2022-04-05. From the same day I can still see files in restore wizard. There is some older files also but they are much bigger. Dont know if this can help. But I really need a solution to restore some files :(



Do you see the contents as expected of the backup set if you double click on your storage in Storage tab, select Backup Sets and highlight the relevant one?

What happens if you run a catalog of the backup set? (right click on it and choose catalog)

Its probably worth raising a support call about this to get to the bottom of what is happening.


In storage everything looks ok. Catalog runs without any errors. It goes fast. And it shows good byte count.