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Backup single VM with Veritas 16

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Hi all,

we have an old 2003 Windows Server VM on a 2012 R2 host that has a number of newer VMs backed up via VEEAM.

Since VEEAM supports only 2008 R2 and newer OS' I'm using BE 16 to backup the 2003 Server VM. Instead of backing

up the entire Hyper-V host could I just backup the VM and VHD folders where that 2003 Server VM is located? Would I

be able then to restore a VM and imort it into the Hyper-V host? If not, would backing up just the VHD disk be sufficient

since I can always create a new VM from scratch and then attach a restored VHD?

Thank you!


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I wouldn't recommend backing up that server using BE to access Hyper-V with Veeam already doing so. Simply install the BE Remote Agent for WIndows Servers (IF BE 16 supports Server 2003) and select everything to backup. You might also get away with SDR if available in BE 16. Thanks!