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Backup to (Alternating) Disks

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I would like to use the Backup to Disk feature (as opposed to backing up to tape). I would like to alternate between two (external removable) disks so that I can always take one off site on alternating days. I would also like to do, for each disk, an initial full backup and then a daily incremental backup whenever that disk is being used. Are there any support documents that would help me set that up?

My concern is whether Backup Exec recognizes that the file list for the incremental backup might be different depending on the disk (since the original full backup might be different depending on the disk). If Backup Exec simply resets the Archive marker on a particular file, will the alternating Incremental Backup Job know that the file may have to be backed up again for this other media set?

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1. please check this technote to create backup to disk folders:

2. Also please check the technote to configure the properties of the media set:

please update us the results.


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