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Backup to Amazon S3 and restore to EC2

Level 3


I want to know if it's possible to do a duplicate to Amazon S3 with BackupExec 2015 (or BackupExec 2016) for disaster recovery and after to restore the sever as EC2 instance.

servers are VM on VmWare 5.1.

I imagined that during the replication, BackupExec copy the vmdk file from the local storage to the Amazon Storage, and after I will can use Amazon tools to convert Vmware files to Amazon Instance.

I discover during the test that on the Amazon Storage there are 100 000 files of 1 MB, I don't know how to use them.

I need to create EC2 instance when our building is destroyed and I without our on promise BackupExec server.

Is it possible ? are there best practice in this case.





Level 6

You can do a duplicate to cloud with BE 15 or 16 and recover to EC2 but it's a manual process at this time.  In order to use this data for DR you would have to manually stand up a BE server in the EC2 cloud then attach the S3 cloud storage to it (being sure the original BE server is not still connected to this cloud storage device). Then inventory/catalog the cloud storage which would make the backup set(s) available for restore.  A target server would need to be created in EC2 with OS and any applications used to simulate the original server environment.  The restore is run to this server.