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Backup to Dedupe to Dedupe to Convert Option greyed out

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Hope someone can assist

I'm attempting to run BE 2012 and a MMS with dedupe storage at both sites, looking to convert the opt replicated deduped data at the second site to VHD as part of the staging backup definition, unfortunately it is grey out and only gives me the option to automate this at the 1st site as a staged backup to virtual or a parallel backup to virtual option. The option to manually create the virtual PIT is available at the DR secondary site but automating this is not available as above option stage is greyed out. I have tape configured and i can add a stage to tape and this works fine, dedupe to dedupe to tape.

I have looked at the CAS being at the primary and the DR site and also looked at the SDR path to ensure both CAS and MMS servers have access.

Any thoughts or settings you feel i have missed would be appreciated.



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Apparently you can use the P2V option in the way you ask as long as you have

Backup to Dedup Stage

Optimized duplication stage where the source is set to MOST RECENT FULL (critical setting)


You can then create a P2V stage following the optimized duplication stage