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Backup-to-Disk Folder

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Hi, I'm having an issue with Backup-to-Disk folders.

So they are normally mapped \\server\path right.... but I want to change that because it doesn't seem to be reliable.

I have 2 backup to disk folders, one is on a SNAP server and another one is on a Buffalo Terrastation II Pro.  Both are using domain membership to control access to the appropriate share (\backups).

Now whenever we have a power failure (yes we are working on getting new UPS batteries), the connections to these servers get severed.  I can usually reconnect to them with NO PROBLEM using Windows explorer and mapping the drives...

B:  is \\snap2\backups

T: is \\tera1\backup

I can go to the B or T drive and look at stuff with no issue.  However in BackupExec 12.5 even if I mark these folders as online, if I inventory them I get "Library error - Invalid element address".

So I figure lets delete and recreate one.  But I want to establish these B2D folders to the actual mapped drive letters since I know they work (through command line or through win explorer).  So I type B:\ and it complains that the path is not found.  I browse and it only shows drives C: and D:, however I have C: D: E: B: T: X: in "My Computer".  So what gives?


The only thing that works fine after a power failure is the B2D folder to an Openfiler (custom free nas).  I'm starting to think I should just build a multi-terrabyte custom Openfiler server that is big enough to hold everything rather then span it out across three different NAS vendors.  Why 3 NAS vendors on site?  Well just from growth over the years I guess.


But I guess back to my question, is there no way to re-establish these B2D folders via drive letters, or do they always have to be UNC paths?  If UNC Path why would it work in windows explorer but not in BackupExec?




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B2D (on remote servers) always need to be UNC paths.


The path should be a local drive or a UNC path.  Do NOT enter a mapped drive (such as “X:\”) as Backup Exec doesn’t support mapped drives as B2D targets

The reason is pretty simple, if you logoff a driveletter mapping is gone, UNC will always work.

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Ok.  Well I have the drive letters "reconnect at logon".

For some reason BE gives me an access denied trying to remap a UNC path.  But if I go out in windows explorer to that path or mapped drive, I was able to see it, create a folder on it, and delete a folder on it.


Weird stuff.

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But when BackupExec runs as a  service, there are  no mapped drives

Can you still not map the UNC shares when logged on the media server as the BESA?

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Guess what I got it working.  Not sure how.  We had another power failure and that basically cold rebooted everything.  upon restarting we rejoin the snap server and buffallo terastation to the domain and now it all works.

I forgot about the running as a service thing.  Good point, can't believe that slipped my mind!

Anyway the only really RELIABLE B2D thing we have is an old server reformatted with Openfiler.  A home built NAS.  Those packaged NAS units with proprietary software are nothing but problems.  I'm eventually going to scrap them and go all Openfiler.


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Just remember, to always use UNC paths and not mapped drives.  The drives only are available when a user is logged in.  reboot, or log out, the drives are gone, and the B2D is offline immediately.

Perhaps your setup is not as reliable as you think since you've been using drive mappings and not network paths.