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Backup to Disk Jobs stuck on "Loading Media" Job Status

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Hi Everyone,

I recently cleaned up some backup jobs on our backup server and while doing this I created some new jobs.
I switched our File and Exchange Server from Agent to Virtual Machine based Backups including GRT.
When looking at the full backups that ran at the weekend i noticed that they were stuck with a "Loading Media" Job Status which confused me because these are backups to disk and there was plenty of space on the Backup Storage (Synology NAS) at that time These jobs eventually failed giving the following error message in the Job Log:

Job Completion Status

Job ended: Samstag, 28. Juli 2018 at 21:49:20
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe000fe0b - An operation was attempted on an object that was not opened.
Final error category: Job Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-65035



Verify- VMVCB::\\****
Data for VMVCB::\\****.vmdk is corrupt.

The Vertias Link that is mentioned in the Job Log does not help at all because its focused on a active directory and suggests to disable GRT which is not an Option for me.

Any Ideas what on how to troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance