Backup to Disk and VMware

Currently I have BUEX 12.5 on a Windows 2003 R2 SP2 physical server. I currently installed Exchange 2010 in our environment.

Questions I need to have answered please:


1. Is it possible to upgrade to BUEX 2010 R3 on the current server and then somehow export the settings (config file??) and then export it\install it on a Windows 2008 R2 VM running BUEX 2010 R3?

2. Instead of backing up to tape how can I backup to my SAN, is it as simple as going to the devices tab and right clicking on Backup-to-Disk Folders and selecting the Backup-to-Disk Wizard?


All additional information is appreciated.

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You can try this for the

You can try this for the migration information


Also yes to change to disk you just need to cerate a B2D folder on a SAN attached drive.


However if you ever intend using tape - then do not make you new Media Serevr a VM - we have not tested attachments form VMs to physical tape devices and although you might be able to get pass-through working, because we haven't done any official certification you will be subject to reasonable efforts or possibly no support if you run into issues.