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Backup to Remote Linux Server fail after SP4 install

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Recently we applied the SP found here ( and since the application, backup to our Linux boxes are failing. We are currently running 9.1 4691 on w2k. Per the document, the Linux SP applies only to Servers running version 10. Is there a Linux version of this hotfix for servers running backup exec 9.1? If not, can someone explain how to resolve the authentication failures we now receive? (Access is denied to Remote Agent. Check the login account for the specified device.)


Level 3
Is anyone at VERITAS available to respond to this issue? After SP4a upgrade on the Windows backupexec server, backupexec can no longer connect to the Linux Remote Agents. The backups fail with security/authentication errors. What can we do to fix this problem.

Please Advise...


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did you uninstall and re-push the remote agent to your Linux machines after applying the SP to your media servers? If not this could be the issue

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Please let us know if the above response has helped resolve your query.

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I uninstalled/reinstalled the Linux remote agent but unfortunately, that did not resolve the issue... any other suggestions?


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What is the Linux version you are using?

Do you have root rights to the account?

Delete the root account and Try to login with a new logon account and password.


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Thank You

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it should be mentioned that you must use the RA from the patched backup exec directory. by default, the agent install files are in

C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Agents\

this directory is updated with new agents when a service pack is applied to the BE Server.

using the RA off the CD will not have the appropriate fixes.

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Here's what I've been attempting to explain... There were no updated files for the Linux Agent when the SP was applied... I think this is the root of my problem... The agents on my windows servers all had to be updated prior to those backups working...

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I am also having this problem! I am recieving "Access denied to Remote Agent" when my backup job attempts to access my Linux server. This begain immediately after installing SP4a. I can successfully browse through folders on the "Selections" screen. My Windows agents are still working and were not broken by this patch.

I have put network sniffers on my Linux server and media server. I am seeing that NO traffic is generated when I try to run the job. When I browse on the selections screen I am seeing traffic on the network.

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I ended up opening a trouble ticket with Veritas/Symantec and we found that there was a non-existing account still configured as the 'default system' account. Although this change had gone in back in July, it seems that the SP reset everything and it "thought" that the non-existing account was the default system account. So once we set the current default account as the default system account, the problem was resolved... Note this was the last thing that was checked... We did some other tests which were to verify if the correct credentials were being used...They were... To reset/check the default system account, go to NETWORK==>LOGON ACCOUNTS==>

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Thank You! Thank You.

This issue was affecting all UNIX Agent backups - AIX, Solaris, HPUX as well.

Now its working !!!


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Hey...It was driving me crazy as well and there just didn't seem to be any explanation on why they were suddently failing...So...glad I could help... and glad it worked for ya...