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Backup to disk problem

We are backing up about a dozen servers using a disk-to-disk-to-tape setup.
For an intermediate disk we are using two NAS servers connected via iSCSI to the backup server and appearing there as two external drives. We used BE to create a backup pool and put both NAS drives into the pool. We can backup to either NAS drive without a problem.

The fun begins when we try to use the two NAS drives together in the pool. BE will use the files created on the NAS drives in some arcane method. On the first NAS drive, BE will use a dozen or so files in order then skip over 30 or 40 then use a few more before switching over to the other NAS drive (leaving the first NAS drive half full). The second NAS drive will then fill up completely at which point the backup job will fail due to insufficient media space (BE will not switch back to the first NAS drive and use the files it skipped over).

Would it help to delete (not just erase) all of the files and start over?
Should I assign different priorities to the NAS drives?

Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.
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Re: Backup to disk problem


As you have mentioned the Backup job is failing ,what is the exact error message are you getting

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