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Backup to disk - then schedule to tape?

I am looking at switching our backup to go to disk every evening, and then once a month (last day of the month), roll those off to tape.

I'm confused on how I can schedule this to be done.  I have created my incremental backup job that is being used on our backup tape library.

Can I just apply a new policy to that existing job?  Or do I have to create a new job based on the policy?  If I have to create the job based on the policy, it appears that BE2010 then creates about 4 new jobs in my job setup list?

Is that the correct way to do this?  Or are there instructions somewhere that will walk me through how to do this???

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If standalone, set up a daily

If standalone, set up a daily backup to disk job & create another job, i.e. duplicate job & schedule it to tape every month..same applies to policy as well...set up a duplicate job template

So, if I create 2 seperate

So, if I create 2 seperate jobs, do I need to use the policy section?

Either can either

Either can either create one daily backup job & a separate duplicate backup job OR else, you can setup a policy with 2 templates...first template for the daily backup & the second template for the monthly duplicate

I have a ploicy set to daily

I have a ploicy set to daily backup and duplicate to tape, then monthly backup and dup to tape.

See attachment to get an idea.

As I use a tape library and use a tape delivery service to a hosted site , I also use teh export media commands to get the tape into the right media vault