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Backup to tape jobs with storage set to partitions are not running

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We have a DELL autoloader connected to a Windows server running BE  20 running two simple jobs:

  • Backup Exchange
  • Backup Servers

The autoloader was configured with three partitions in Backup Exec. Slot 1 to 4 with 4 tapes containing daily media and slot 5 to 9 containing weekly media. The third partition was all the other slots but not used for anything yet.

I set up the above jobs into two jobs each - the daily version which runs Monday to Thursday, using the daily media set and targeting the partition with slot 1 to 4 and the weekly version which runs Friday and targets the partition with slot 5 to 9 and uses the weekly media set.

This was all working fine until something happened to the autoloader or BE and the tape didn't eject. I had to use the AutoLoader controls to manually eject the tape. I may have deleted the tape drive device from the AutoLoader in backup Exec to troubleshoot. But it reappeared within the AutoLoader and seems to be how it was all along.

After that, when a job goes to start it is stuck with the status: Ready; Storage has not been configured for the Backup Exec server.

If I change the target to Tape Drive 0003 the job runs, but in this case it won't know which media partition to use.

Can someone please help, it is doing my head in and has been broken all week.


Employee Accredited Certified

disable -> delete the drives and then library from BE storage tab. Restart all BE services, then redo the partition. Edit the backup job and set it to run on target partition of your choice.