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Backup vm though vcenter always stuck in queue

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Im using backup exec 15, I have a backup job to backup vm though vcenter, but the job always stucj in queued after create snapshoot, tried lot of modify backup job setting but not help.

We have BE14 before and this kind of backup job was success in BE14 latest version but not in BE15. Im talking to support but still no idea what going on. They only said that they have seen BE cannot find MFT record from .vmdk, but our server doesn't get any error.

Does anyone face this problem before?


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Have you tried to respond to any alerts?

There are no any alert/error in BE15

Has any Feature Pack been applied to your environment?

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Does the backup proceed if backing up directly via the ESXi host and not the vCenter ?

If no, then have you tried testing with different VMs or do the backup go queued irrespective of the VMs being backed up ?