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Backup without barriers

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Do you want to know why we recommend using Backup Exec as a data protection solution?

The answer is easy, even though the reasons are complex. So let me explain: today’s IT environments contain physical and virtual servers accompanied by cloud-based products offering services that customers no longer want to host themselves. Most companies understand and accept that it is a good idea to perform backups of the data hosted in their local data centers, ideally to an offsite location. Unfortunately, the picture is different when talking to people about their cloud-based data. An astonishing number of people take it for granted that the cloud service providers perform backups and take care of the users’ data. Digging a little deeper into the business terms and conditions of the cloud services reveals that the opposite is true: most providers of cloud-based services explicitly exclude liability for the users’ data in case of data loss. In other words, Cloud users have to back up their data on their own. This raises an interesting question: what product can you use that enables you to backup your on premises servers as well, as cloud-based solutions? As I mentioned before, the answer is easy: Backup Exec.

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Over the last years, we've seen ongoing improvements and extensions to the software that enable it to protect nearly every possible workload either on premises or in the Cloud. All in one single console.

Backup Exec offers single-phase backups for all major workloads like Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, for virtual environments like VMware and HyperV by enabling administrators to restore single items like e-mails, documents or virtual hard drives without using intermediate technologies. It can be installed as either a physical server, a virtual machine or a Cloud workload in Azure or AWS.

No matter what installation type you prefer and where your data is located – Backup Exec will enable you to take trustworthy backups and reliable restores – Backup without Barriers. Why not try the Backup Exec 60 Day trialware to find out for yourself?




Caroline_Headshot.jpgCaroline Kiel, CEO PingUs Solutions GmbH & Co. KG 

Since 1999, Caroline has been owner and CEO of PingUs Solutions, an IT service provider with domicile in Berlin area, Germany. The company is focused on designing, planning and implementing secure, reliable infrastructure solutions based on Microsoft Windows architecturey for customers all over Europe. With over 18 years of professional experience, Caroline's focus at PingUs is planning, designing and implementing data management and security solutions, as well as IT administration training for end customers and IT service providers.