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BackupExec 20.5 Capacity Usage Counter problems

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Having what I think will soon be an issue with the Capacity edition of BackupExec.  We have purchased this edition for 11TB of capacity, knowing that we have a 15% overrage allowance that we took in our planning for the various one-off, test, etc. backup jobs that aren't standard.  Last week I noticed the big red X and a countdown timer saying we had used 12TB of the 11TB.  This isn't a surprise as we just replaced 2 big sets of servers with brand new servers, so both backup sets were included in the calculation.  My issue, and what I think will happen, is that the usage status isn't taking into count the extra 15%, in our case we should be allowed 12.65TB before we see an alert and the countdown starts.  We are short of that amount, and the countdown timer has started and states in 16 days backups will not run.  I went into the "view details" part of the Capacity Usage status and tried to remove those temp jobs from the count, and I was only able to remove 1 out of the 3.  I have a feeling that in 16 days, regardless what tech support said, my BackupExec will stop running backups.  I had opened a case, but they clearly didn't understand the issue or how to resolve it, but insisted that the product won't stop working.  Has anyone else had experience working with this feature and it's gremlins?


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I would rather log a call with Veritas Customer Care - they are the right group to deal with licensing matters.

I have placed a call to them, and it was a complete waste of time.  They proceeded to provide links to the same licensing document I referenced when I opened the ticket.  But they assure me that regardless of what the dashboard says, my product won't stop working when the countdown hits 0.  Let's say I'm skeptical at best