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BackupExec 20.5 integration with Veritas SaaS Backup – Protectors come together

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Evil forces were uniting and becoming increasingly more powerful and were striving for a New World Order. That forced our favourite heroes with their unique and distinct capabilities to come together to stop these mighty forces and save the world. This familiar storyline is currently trending in many larger-than-life hero movies. Moviegoers love this union of their favourite heroes, as is evident from the massive success of Hollywood movies from popular studios.

The world order is indeed changing rapidly as far as customer data is concerned. Apart from on-premise physical and virtual workloads, organizations are adopting new SaaS workloads. Businesses need to have their business-critical IT infrastructure running 24/7 and expect to overcome disaster situations with the least downtime to remain operational. The threat of ransomware feels more menacing than ever before—and it’s growing.

Veritas Backup Exec understands the changing customer needs and has come together with two other heroes in the data protection world, Veritas SaaS Backup and Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, to offer a total data protection solution. Here are the highlights of this union:

Reporting integration with Veritas SaaS Backup

Veritas SaaS Backup is a scalable backup and recovery hosted service for SaaS application protection for small businesses and enterprises. It provides subscription-based backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite and Salesforce workloads. Backup Exec 20.5 now integrates with Veritas SaaS Backup to provide visibility across the entire environment with unified reporting to prevent gaps in data protection. BE Administrators can now monitor their overall backup status through combined Backup Exec job summary reports for their on-premise as well as SaaS backup jobs. There is an easy way to configure the schedule of reports and receive it through email notifications.

Acess SaaS Backup on your Backup Exec Dashboard.png

Instant Cloud Recovery powered by Azure

Backup Exec 20.2 introduced the next level of Azure integration with Instant Cloud Recovery (ICR) powered by Azure Site Recovery. With Instant Cloud Recovery (ICR), Backup Exec users can create automatically updated off-site replicas of Virtual Machines in the Azure cloud for a quick failover in case of a disaster. This enables Backup Exec customers to minimize the Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective for business-critical virtual machine workloads realizing the benefits of cloud as a dynamic disaster recovery platform. The Backup Exec Dashboard also shows detailed Disaster Recovery health and Failover readiness status.


Instant Cloud Recovery Status 1.png


Instant Cloud Recovery Status 2.png




Backup Exec has always been a super backup and recovery solution and over the years, has been adding new capabilities such as Ransomware Resilience, GDPR Guard, and Instant Cloud Recovery to meet modern customer data protection needs.  BE 20.5 also enhances its cloud storage support by adding support to AWS S3 storage tiers, including Glacier, Glacier Deep Archive, Intelligent Tiering, One Zone-Infrequent Access. Now with SaaS Backup reporting integration, BackupExec customers and administrators can easily monitor their on-premise backups, Disaster Recovery health as well as SaaS backups of their Office 365, Google G-Suite and Salesforce workloads directly through a familiar Backup Exec console. So, rest assured that this gang of data protection heroes are vigilant. Your data is protected, wherever it is!         

Backup Exec 20.5 Availability

Backup Exec 20.5 is available now: