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BackupExec 2010 R3 Encryption Key(s)

We will soon be reinstalling Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3 software due to an OS upgrade to 64bit version. note that this upgrade will be on the exact same server. The server is already 64bit hardware with a 32bit OS. Upgrading OS to 64bit.

Here is my primary need:

I need to make sure where to locate the BackupExec Encryption Keys and how to back them up (Export/Import) or whatever it takes.

I also need to know the location for ANY configuration files perteninent to the coniguration of BackupExec so I can back them up to be restored on the new server. 

Is there a PDF document available - or if someone has a minute to provide the details - It would be greatly appreciated.


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BE stores the keys in Backup

BE stores the keys in Backup Exec Database. A copy of BEDB will be saved to DATA folder in BE installation directory as part of daily maintenance (if enabled).

As long as your new media server (after installing 64-bit OS) has same user accounts and part of same domain as current media server, you can use the copy of current database to get all the configuration back on new installation. This keeps existing encryption keys intact on new setup also. If any change in domain or user accounts, you can create the encryption keys again on new setup using the exact pass phrases used while creating encryption keys in current setup. 

Take a backup of DATA and catalogs folders from BE installation directory. 

Have a look at this TN for step-by-step migration procedure:



Follow the TN

Follow the TN below: