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BackupExec 2010 and VMware ESX 4.1

Are there any guides to how to backup virtual machines?  Using a physical tape library?  Using a SAN ? 


Help Please...

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Hi, You may go through the

First check the BE 2010/2010

First check the BE 2010/2010 R2 Software Compatibility List..

ESX 4.1 is not listed.

...sorry? ESX 5.1 isn't

...sorry? ESX 4.1 isn't supported? That's because it is vSphere 4.1 which IS supported if you took the time to dig down to pg. 9 of the SCL. It also clearly states you need BE 2010 R2 to support it.

Please take the time to research CAREFULLY before posting incorrect details. The poster is quite capable of backing up his VM environment, provided he has BE 2010 R2!



EDIT: Meant 4.1, not 5.1!!! Thanks for the correction pkh!

VMware Virtual Infrastructure

First upgrade your BE to 2010 R2.

Then you can use VMware Virtual Infrastructure Agent to backup your ESX server.

For more information on VMware agent go through the admin guide. (Page no 1337)