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@andy - perhaps you should

@andy - perhaps you should start another discussion for your problem.  It will be less confusing as to who is answering who.

Similar problem

Hi there.
We also have a client with the same problem. First backup works correctly then tape unit goes off line.  System spec is as follows

Dell R710 - Windows 2008 R2 Standard x64
IBM Ultrium-HH4 (Dell Powervault LTO4-120HH) (Firmware 97F1)
BE 2010

All software and hardware is patched to the latest level.  I have only taken over this issue from a collegue recently so have no done all the test but noticed this thread and thought it worth adding to it.

I am seeing an error in the adamm.log

08/17/10 19:32:11.979 DeviceIo: 03:00:00:00 - Device error 1117 on "\\.\Tape0", SCSI cmd a2, 1 total errors

which according to Wikipedia is SECURITY PROTOCOL IN
and also

08/13/10 23:00:15.594 DeviceIo: 03:00:00:00 - Device error 1117 on "\\.\Tape0", SCSI cmd b5, 8 total errors
which according to Wikipedia is SECURITY PROTOCOL OUT
In BE it reports the tape unit doesn't support encryption

Will keep investigating here.

Mmm...a RAID card would

Mmm...a RAID card would definitely not be supported, so Larry is spot on there. That would actually be found in the HP documentation around backups, and also in the QuickSpecs of the drive which would indicate which cards to use. That would be for an HP server.
Interesting that Matthew also has a problem with that model of Dell server!

Interesting indeed!

Interesting indeed!  Unfortunately I don't have another spare HBA to test with - can anyone recommend a cheap one?  I can't spent another £200 only for it not to work either.

I'm confused about a RAID card "definitely" not being supported though - it's acting as a SAS HBA and is dedicated to the tape drive alone - no disk volumes are connected at all and RAID is therefore not enabled; also I reiterate again that all other backup software suites are operating the drive fine, so what's it to Symantec that the card also happens to be a RAID controller, especially when RAID is not enabled?  We've used similiar tape drive setups with external SCSI RAID/HBA adaptors in the past and they've always been rock solid.

Raid Card

The tape drive and server were bought as a bundel from Dell so I "assumed" that everything would work.  I have a call in with Dell to confirm this. My gut does say that it has something to do with the controller but the fact that a restart of BE services resolves the problem and not a restart of the server implies that it is some issue that BE has with this controller and not the controller and the tape unit. I am now going to make some (carefull) changes to the PERC controller to see if this resolves anything.

Might be time to open a

Might be time to open a support call with Symantec...if you do, and they help solve it, please post the solution and close off the topic.


I have spoken to Dell and their response is as follows: Swap the Perc 6/E controller for a Perc 5/E controller and this should resolve the issue.  This will take a few days to organise so will update here if it resolves the issue.

Reinstalling starwind (or the

Reinstalling starwind (or the reboots) seems to have fixed this temporarily.  If it happens again I'll post a new thread.


General Advice is 1) Don't

General Advice is

1) Don't use a RAID card
2) If possible don't use an onboard chipset for the SCSI/SAS controller (we have seen some onboard LSI chipsets give problems - although not yet, to my knowledge, in Dell servers) - so try a stand alone, possbly Adpatec card instead

As lots of valid advice and troubleshooting has been provided in this thread already - would suggest that if you continue to see problems then log a formal support call so that the logs and environment can be fully analyzed.

Why don't I get the solution

Why don't I get the solution mark?  I said it was unsupported almost a week ago.

Hi Alistair, Larry did give

Hi Alistair,

Larry did give the answer a couple of days ago...if the issue was with using a RAID card, he would get it.
Can you please reassign if so?


Hi, I didn't intentionally

I didn't intentionally mark any of the responses as solutions, so I've cleared the flag.  I'm awaiting a SAS 6/E delivery from Dell, once this is in and tested to prove the problem is resolved (this should be in the next couple days) I'll mark the solution as appropriate.


Same issue, drive is not on a RAID controller

I just experienced the same issue, drive was offline, had to restart device and media service to get it back online. Here's my config:

Dell R710 Server, latest firmware, drivers
HP 1760 SAS Tape Drive (external)
HP SC44Ge HBA (part of the smart array family but not a RAID controller - this is the card bundled with the smart buy for this drive)
HP Tapes
BE 2010 with all applicable updates
No AV client installed
Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x86, all current updates installed

** edit **
I also wanted to note that many of the HP Smart Array RAID controllers support the connection of a single tape drive, so you may want to check the facts on your Dell card. Granted, it's not exactly the best way to do it, but in some cases (at least with HP) it is supported.

@BrentN - You should start a

@BrentN - You should start a new discussion for your problem so that it can get the attention that it deserves.  You may refer to this discussion if you want to.

Does the supported HBA

Does the supported HBA resolve this thread?

We fitted the Perc 5/E and we

We fitted the Perc 5/E and we have have resolved the issue.



Apologies for the delay in my reply, I have been fully allocated to project work, and have literally just found time to install a Dell 6gbps SAS HBA board into the R710.


Ran a few tests, and pleased to say everything is now working as expected.  As an added bonus, I've seen the job rates rise up to 8,400MB/min (according to BE anyway).


Thanks for your assistance.




Alistair, You should mark one


You should mark one of Larry's reply as the solution and close out this discussion.

phk, As far as I can tell,


As far as I can tell, Larry's comment has already been marked as a solution.

I think I posted my comment

I think I posted my comment just as you were marking it.  Never mind.