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BackupExec 2010R3 LTO5 unrecognized



I face an issue with BE 2010 R3 and my drive IBM TS3100 ( 3573-TL -  ult3580-HH5).

The drive is up to date firmware but backup EXEC doesn't recognize it as a LTO 5 Tape drive



So BackupExec can only backup about 1.4 To of data on my LTO5 tape.


Does anyone knows how to setup my drive as a LTO 5 one?



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The  IBM TS3100 library has a

The  IBM TS3100 library has a barcode reader. Do you have placed barcode labels on the tapes, and are these labels for LTO5 tapes ?


...and you're sure that

...and you're sure that you're using the Symantec drivers for the device? Open up Device Manager and make sure that the drive lists Symantec as the driver provider.


You can add LTO5 tapes to

You can add LTO5 tapes to your barcode rules.  Just go to Tools --> Options ---> Barcode rules.

Make sure that you are specifying the barcode requirements for IBM tape library.  Once LTO5 is added to the barcode rules, you should be able to see it in your tape drive properties.


hello. now i have the same


now i have the same problems.

i change to lto5 on a dell power vault tl2000 and media says unrecognize media.

i deselected the option Enable bar code and create a new rule on bacord rule

end write suffix and prefix L5, media tape LTO[8].

when i catalog or try to label media it doesnt make function.

help please.




The following article is describing the issue and workaround/solution:

Hope this helps