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Hi DSAI, In my case hotfix


In my case hotfix 217347 doesn't work. I'm currently creating a new case for my trouble.



Hi DSAI, I can confirm that


I can confirm that the problems with SP4 are still NOT resolved and the hotfix didn't solve it either. I just updated to SP4 a couple of weeks ago at one client and it's been a nightmare ever since, leading me to this thread. I just rolled back to SP3 using Ken Johnson II checklist and so far everything seems back to normal. I will not be upgrading past SP3. What's it been, 6 months since SP4 was released? There's no excuse for this Symantec.

By the way, 2014 is a big improvement over 2012 and seems very stable.

Sorry to see that.  I

Sorry to see that.  I switched back to my other server install that was upgraded to SP4 instead of the server that was a fresh install of SP4.  (14.0 1798.1364 SP4)  It works the same except some of my VMware vCenter backup sets have the server information still displayed as (VMVCB::\\vcenter_server\VCGUESTVM\(DC)some_name(DC)\VM\folder_location\subfolder_location\vm_name) instead of the SP4 format, (\\vcenter_server), where the lowercase is unique to my environment.

I highly recommend dropping deduplication.  Life is so much better without it.  The software is immensely more reliable without it (just B2D and Tape).  Many flaws are still there, but I can ignore most of them.  I even turned verification on.  I'm spending very little time dealing with backup problems now.  Usually I just spend a little time each week with the flawed user interface, manually duplicating weekly backup sets to an additional tape set to be kept offline.

If you go to the B2D and tape only solution, keep in mind that catalog jobs on the B2D take a long time to run and tend to end in a failed message.  It's no where near as bad as with deduplication, but it's still bad.  The size of the volumes and the amount of content makes a big difference of course.  Also older volumes will tend to have inaccessible unaccounted for data in them.  Cataloging will probably only come in play if the server needs to be recovered or if free space seems to missing from the B2D and you want it back.  You might want to remake the B2Ds every once in a while to cut down on the issues.  It's important to never send any job directly to a B2D storage location.  ALWAYS send a job to a pool, even if it's a 1 to 1 relationship to the storage.  It's easy for the software to get messed up and think that there is a job (that can't be found) assigned to a B2D which makes it impossible to delete the B2D storage with the user interface.  When a pool gets messed up and can't be deleted, it's easy enough to just rename it out of the way and make another one.  It's not that easy to fix a B2D that can't be deleted.

I agree with JAC1311… We

I agree with JAC1311…

We threw BE 2012 in the trash and rebuilt our backup system from bare metal to BE 2014. It took a week to dial all the jobs back in, but it was worth it. Everything has worked perfectly for three months (Knock on wood) and we haven’t seen this stability since BE 2010. The only time we have needed to touch it since it was rebuilt was to perform test restores and perform platform maintenance. Big difference over 2012 where each morning was a troubleshooting nightmare. Also some great features that were dropped in 2012 are back. Actually I should say important features like manually expiring media sets rather than having to erase them, which took forever. Or the ability to backup multiple server under one job.

IMHO, Symantec should give everyone with a 2012 license a free upgrade for the pain and suffering. Just because they "may" have redeemed themselves with 2014, they still took our money for 2012 and delivered us nothing but headache.

Symantec, Good consistent backups allow administrators to sleep at night and if changing backup software achieves that then they will.


To follow up on my previous

To follow up on my previous post ... after sitting for about a week on our reverted SP3 installation, I made the jump to 2014 as an upgrade on top of 2012 (not as a fresh install).

So far 2014 has been pretty smooth. It was able to "update" most of my jobs during the install ... only a couple of them needed some adjustment afterward (they were pointed at the wrong storage device).

During the install, however, it would not recognize our existing BE server serials; it would only allow me to install a trial version. I remember this happening when going from 2010 to 2012 so I went ahead with the install, knowing that I could just plug my serials in afterward and be on my way.

Didn't exactly work out that way ...

The mySymantec licensing portal IMO is terrible. No matter what I tried, I could not get the ORIGINAL serial number needed to install BE. All I could get were maintenance numbers, no matter how far back I went. Ended up having to open a support case to get them to give me the true, original BE server serial that would actually license the program. Even though you get 30 days to use BE before licensing kicks you out, that's not exactly peace of mind in terms of the installation / upgrade process. And it just creates more administrative overhead.

Sans the licensing issue, so far I have really liked 2014. I will say it is a lot faster than 2012 - the interface and the jobs both run quite a bit quicker.

Hello I just made huge


I just made huge mistake and installed SP4. Now my backup system is pretty much tost.

I saw your post

"However; for anyone that might be experiencing any of the symptoms from above, we invite you to upgrade to Backup Exec 2014."

Now, is this 2014 version free for people hows backup system SP4 destroyed?

Or shall i just accept the reality and forget Backup Exec for good?
I am so tired with backup related problems.

Hi For people experiencing

Hi For people experiencing these issues with 2012 SP4 an answer of just upgrade to the new version is NOT really fair? An upgrade can take up to a week to rearrange jobs etc and interupts your live environment.

Can someone tell me how to roll back to SP3?


Amanda: Most of these SPs and

Amanda: Most of these SPs and patches are uninstallable...once you're on it, you're going to most likely trash the system to get back to where you want to be.

I would, however, suggest logging a call with Symantec as maybe (MAYBE!) they can help you with this...


Scroll up: this has already

Scroll up: this has already been addressed with confirmation from others.