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BackupExec 2012 issues

Level 3


On this SBS 2011 server with BackupExec 2012, BackupExec often hangs on running jobs and a cancel does not cancel, I have to stop all BE services and restart them.  Sometimes doing that resolves it for few days before it does it again, and some other time it just freezes on each run and I have to restart the server.  It is annoying because I can only restart the server at night and I only restart for BE, all other services work well.  Any way to troubleshoot this?

When I stop the services, the job engine cannot be stopped, so I have to start ProcessExplorer and stop it from that tool.  It stops easily but it would be nice that BE tool can stop it itself!  Any way to force a stop of the services by the tool without having to use ProcessExplorer?



Level 2

Hi GTA_duom!

I highly recommend upgrading to the newest Backup Exec if possible as there are allot of fixes since 2012. 

Check out the trial here if you can:

Or if you want to try it in the Azure cloud here:

Also, for any version of BE, you can open the task manager and look in the processes tab for Bengine.exe and end the task if you have too.

Bengine.exe usually doesn't shut down when it has open threads in the background from some process it was trying to work on.