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BackupExec Agent for Mac OS X Server not working

I cannot seem to get the BackupExec agent for OS X Server working.  I have an XServe running 10.6.4 and RALUS/RAMS 2896.9 (2010r2).  I have gone through the installrams script and verified everything is correct.  All ports between my server and the backup server are open while troubleshooting this problem.  The admin for the backup server has verified everything is correct on his end.

Whenever he goes to connect to my server, it is killing the remote agent on my server.  I have restarted with the logfile option and can attach if needed.  The only thing that stands out to me is that some of the dylib's are not being loaded even though I have added that directory (/opt/VRTSralus/bin) to my DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.  Everything else looks normal, at least to me, but the agent is killed when the backup admin tries to connect to it from the BackupExec Console. 

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This doesn't sound right. 

This doesn't sound right.  2896 is plain BE 2010, not BE 2010 R2.  For your version of OSX, you need BE 2010 R2.  Did you get your RAMS from the installation DVD?


The agent was provided to me

The agent was provided to me via a network share.  You're saying it isn't the right version correct?  I'll see what the backup admin has to say and see if he can check for an update.  I don't have the serial number information to log in and see if there are any updates.


The build no. for BE 2010 R2

The build no. for BE 2010 R2 is 4164.  It could be that the RAMS is the same for both version of BE 2010, but not likely.  I don't use RAMS so I cannot be sure.

This is the content of the ramsinst.conf from my BE 2010 R2 installation DVD


PRODUCT = Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent for Macintosh Systems


VERSION = 13.0.4164

TITLE = Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent for Macintosh Systems



PRODUCT_PATH = RALUSx86/pkgs/Darwinx86/ralusinst.conf
SRC_PATH = scripts/Darwin


You can see if it matches your file.


OK beremote process dying on

OK beremote process dying on a Snow Leopard MAC is a Symptom of loading the 2010 instead of the 2010 R2 version of RAMS (I should know as I tested this when Snow Leopard was first released)

Also as others have advised your 2896 build number is NOT the R2 version.

You need to make sure you are using the installer from the R2 download which should show 4164 as the build.

Amd then be aware that if the XServe has a 64bit kernel - to do the install you will need to temporarily switch the kernel to 32 bit.



I heard back from our backup

I heard back from our backup admin.  He said that the media server is not on R2 yet which is why he gave me that agent.

From your guys' comments, it seems that R2 is required for Snow Leopard.  Am I interpreting this right?


Yes, for snow leopard you

Yes, for snow leopard you will require R2.