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BackupExec Management Service was unable to start

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We're using Backup Exec 2014 on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Until now, we've been using the built-in domain administrator account as the BE service account.

However, we're trying to change to a dedicated service account.  This is a member of domain admins, and has the user rights specified here -

This works OK for all BE services, aside from the Backup Exec Management Service.

When trying to open Backup Exec, we get a 'Connect to Backup Exec server' dialog.  When entering valid credentials, the following error pops up: "The BackupExec Management Service was unable to start, and we can't open Backup Exec.

This error goes away if we re-set the Backup Exec Management Service to run via the built-in domain administrator account.

Does anyone know why we're getting this error?



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If it works with the built-in account, but not the new one, then its most likely a rights issue and not an issue with .NET or port number etc.

Would recommend to double-check again.

Also, does running the VQA tool show any errors ? You can download this diagnostic tool from

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As well as being in Domain Admins you potentially need to give it the specific permssions (that might be policy blocked)
 as per


I would also recommend not enforcing password changes against the service account just because such configurations usually result in backup failures if the admins are not managing the changes quickly enough.