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BackupExec Planning

We are currently about to trial and start planning for backupexec21.   We are long time users of BE 2010.   We will be refresing all of our envirnoment in a forklift upgrade and migration.  

We are mobing to VMware virtualized envirnoment and I have currently runnng only a few VM's.   2 AD controllers, 1 file server/application server, VCSA7.   The file server will be 1.5TB in its file share.  

My question is where to place the BE 21 Software.....

1) Does it go on its own seperate standalone VM in order to better quiesce the other vm's cleanly, then back the BE21 database up to a share on another server for backup redundancy there?   

2) Can it share the file server/app server as a VM and still be ablew to quiesce the vm and itself for a clean backup and recovery if needed?  

Thanks in advance and sorry if it seems to basic of a quesiton. 




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Re: BackupExec Planning

It is recommended that you load BE on a physical server.  Using a VM has a lot of limitations, like accessing real devices, especially tape drives.

Also, think about how you are going to recover from a total failure, i.e. your data centre is wiped out.  How do you recover the VM hosting your BE which is needed to do the recovery?  It is much easier if the BE Server is physical.