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BackupExec applied to encrypted files......

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We have a third party product that compresses and encrypts our sql server backups. (The sql servers are hyper-V Guests).  Recently the networking group enabled hardware compression and encryption (to tape) using BackupExec. 

Given BE is trying to encrypt previoulsly encrypted (and compressed) files could this be leading to the high CPU utilization (100%) we see on the sql servers?  (This high CPU is only observed when the tape backup is running)




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Encryption and compression cannot go hand in hand

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Yes, but I'm concerned that doing it twice (once through the sql backup program) and again from BackUpExec may lead to high CPU utilization.



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You can use compression and Encryption together in the right circumstances.

Within native BackupExec, it will compress THEN encrypt data on the client and send over the wire.  This uses client CPU cycles.

Within your SQL backup app, you would compress and encrypt, and on a specific job setting that picks up these files, turn off compression and encryption at the drive level or BE level (it wasn't clear if you are using tape or software encryption).  This would not affect any clients.

That said, you want to do it it in one place only  Add to that it needs to happen in the right order, compression first, then encrpytion.  

From the scenario described, BackupExec is not the culprit to high CPU usage if you are using hardware Comp/Encrypt within the tape drive

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As previously explained, if you are using hardware compression and encryption, the work is done by the tape drive and your media server would not be affected.

However, compressing data which are already compressed may possibly result in data which is larger than the source data.  This situation can be further aggravated by the fact that the data are also encrypted which is bad for compression.  Read my article below for further explanation.

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i want to know which a;go yo apply for encryption and decryption and how the key decrypt bkf data. i used online tool to decrypt the data which encrypt by veritas tool but data doesn't obtain correctly.

*algorithm you

You need the correct passphrase when you are trying to decrypt data.
Backup Exec has different types of encryption keys you can use; for more details see: