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BackupExec intermittently fails to set or clear backup mode of EV indices

Backup of EV 10.0.4 (using BackupExec 2012 SP4) fails intermittently while attempting to set or clear backup mode on EV indices. Event ID 41397 ("Some index volumes may not have the correct backup mode set. This can result in inconsistent backups.") is logged on EV server & backup mode can thereafter be set / cleared manually on EV server with no errors. Setting or clearing Backup Mode is always succesful on EV server using both admin console & powershell. But the problem keeps reappearing randomly when the BackupExec job is executing. BackupExec jobs do not fail consistently but 50-60% of the time, always with the same error ("cannot set or clear backup mode"). Workaround described in TECH209776 has already been attempted with no result.

Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance

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If running any AV, set it to

If running any AV, set it to exclude from scanning the BE processes.

Are the remote agents updated with SP4 as well ?

Have you tried reinstalling the remote agent ? Thanks.

Thank you VJware, Tried both

Thank you VJware,

Tried both your recommendations 1) excluded BE processes from AV scanning on EV server & 2) reinstalled BE agent on EV server (BE2012 SP4 - v14.0.1798.1364) but seem to make no difference, BE still reports failure or exceptions in setting/clearing Index backup mode. Regarding AV exclusions for EV, have been set according to TECH48856, including all index-related paths.  

Its strange that this error

Its strange that this error occurs intermittently. Debugging a failure should help and would recommend logging a formal support case.