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BackupExec question

Level 2

I did search for an answer to this but seems like I can't pinpoint what is needed (licenses) and how it's done.
Windows 2003 SBS with tape drive
BackupExec 11d for Windows Servers
Netgear NAS (2TB) - just added

Need to backup the NAS with the backup of the data on the server itself.


Thanks for any help.



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Backup Exec introduced NDMP option with Backup Exec 11d, but it only supports Netapp and EMC devices. Any other NDMP device would not use NDMP for backups. Hence, you may go ahead with backing up the terrastation, once you have specifically disabled NDMP. Please check their documentation for help on disabling NDMP there. For remote NAS device, a remote agent license would be sufficient. But, please make sure to evaluate it before going for a license. Please note that if the tape drive is on the NAS device, it will not be supported by Backup Exec. So, your data will be transferred to Backup Exec server and will be backed up to the device connected to it.

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Level 2

Thanks for the reply.

1) I don't see NDMP running and don't recall installing it, but even with some research here, can't be 100% sure about that

2) "Remote NAS" - the NAS I installed is on the same network as our server but it is not physically connected (ie  like USB into the server) It just has 2 ethernet connections onto the network

3) Evalute Remote Agent - how

4) Tape drive is on the Win2003SBS Server

Thanks for helping me thru this.


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Hi td6780,

Does the NAS supports iSCSI connection? If yes, try to connect it with the BE Server using the iSCSI connector. In this way, you will have one (or more) "local drives" on your server and so you can backup the NAS without any more agents.

Check if you can use this.