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BackupExec2010R3 can't restore virtual machine(Vmware)

Hi: We are using Symantec BackupExec 2010 R3 backup virtual machine(Vmware), We can successfully backup the vmware server. but can't restore it, I'm using Vmware redirection when restore the server, and input Vcenter and ESX server name, then click "Browse vCenter and ESX servers for destination button", Backup software jump out a error message, Could not connect to the Vmware virtual center or ESX server, please verify the credential supplied for login. BTW, All servers are join in same domain. Could you please someone can give some advice?   thanks

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Instead of typing the virtual

Instead of typing the virtual host name first and then choosing to browse, have you tried keeping the field blank and choose the browse option to select the virtual host and thereby autopopulate the field ?

Do ensure the appropriate account is used as well for browsing and the ports (902, 903) must be open as well.

Are you able to ping to the other virtual host (both ESX and vCenter) from the BE server and both ways ?

Is the other virtual host licensed for vStorage APIs for Data Protection ?