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Backupexec 12.5 with Exchange 2007 fail always

Hi, I am using BackupExec 12.5 to backup my Exchange 2007 mailboxes, to tape library directly. Sometimes I found it's not working, hung up, even caused downtime to my exchange service. I was suggested to install the Messaging & Collaboration Objects 1.2.1 & turn off the AOFO feature for exchange backup, but still, I have the same problem. I have already applied the latest patches to Backupexec program. Please advise what should I do now. Thanks.

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Hi Can you please provide the


Can you please provide the version of exchange 2007 is that with sp2 or sp3 , As BE 12.5 doesn't support exchange 2007 sp3

Also what exact error message it is failing with?

Now please verify few thing before you can take exchange backup I presume you would be knowing but just to be sure


A   As if exchange is remote server & backup server is on 32 bit OS then you have to install exchange management tool of same version as exchange on backup server which you can download from link below
Also on exchange server you need to install exchange mapi client 1.2.1 for which you can click on link below to download
B   Ensure With respect to permission please see this tech document for exchange 2007


C Please ensure in backup exec the backup account is selected as system log on account & services are working with same account


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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Hi, thanks for the reply. It's service patch version 2 with Exchange 2007. The error I got this time is "Error category : Job Errors

Error : e0008821 - Job was recovered as a result of Backup Exec RPC service starting. No user action is required."

This caused my exchange information service hang up. It wasn't working when I tried to stop the backup stop manually. I have to restart the backup server as well as the exchange server to get all the service resume.


About items A, B&C. I have verified it, all correct.



Hi   Are there any events in



Are there any events in event viewer at same time in applicaton tab or system tab when this happen on exchange server


Also as you said issue is intermittent so is there any know behaviour that every firday or every 1 week it will fail

Please check this link too


Thank You

Are there any Alerts

Are there any Alerts generated in the Alerts section of Backup Exec. Some alerts like Media Insert which needs to be responded.



I know could be a useless

I know could be a useless list but did you check those:

1) on the exchange  the vss version and status: for the status open cmd and type vssadmin list writers and check that the vss writer for Exchange is in Stable mode. If is in retryable you have to restart the server. Microsoft released a couple of patches but I suspect that You already installed them

2) version of OS of backup exec, I mean is it a 32bit or a 64bit? I recall that BE12 got some issues with the memory kernel space when backup a 64bit You may change the Memory Kernel limit from the registry. If you need help let me know I will send you the MS article.

3) Did you tried to delete the Exchange job and recreated as new from the policy. Sometimes I found out that BE does not receive correctly some changes so job continue to fail.

4)Do you use GRT? I suppose no since you are backing up on tape....


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Hi   Any updates here   Thank



Any updates here


Thank You