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Backupexec 2010 Jobs Queuing

Since Tuesday, all of my jobs to Dedup have been queuing endlessly, nothing has changed and everything seemed to work fine before.


I noticed that our tape drive media have been going into the "Retired" category, and I have been moving them back to the 3 day overwrite protection category, this worked ok.


Now I have this issue whereby all jobs to dedup are queuing, forever and I can't seem to move them on.


I restarted the services, this did not work.


I also rebooted the server and this knocked off the Deduplication Store and it was not appearing under media, however, the connect to media server option under "Network" brought it back.


I am a bit worried as the tape side has always been a bit flaky, but now the dedupe store is acting up and I am not getting any backups at all.


Can someone help please.


Obviously, I dont want to be messing about with this live system, and would be very keen to get the backups on track again for the weekend backups this evening.


Thank you

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Hi,   If they are in Queued,



If they are in Queued, there could be an outstanding alert. Right-click the job and see if the option Respond to Alert is available. If so, do so and see what it is prompting...


Yes, it is asking for scratch

Yes, it is asking for scratch media.


I have tapes in there and the dedupe store.

So which job is it asking for

So which job is it asking for scratch media for? The dedupe or tape job?

OK, this case is not getting

OK, this case is not getting any better, I have opened a call with support (420-205-264) incase any of you Symantec guys are reading this.


I have spent many hours on the phone to support, my situation is now worse than it was before, the deduplication store is constantly showing in use, and when I run a restore from it, it shows as paused.


When I was first creating this support call, only the backup jobs TO dedupe were queuing, but I could restore, now I can't restore and guess what - there are several very important restore requests coming in.


I am not entirely displeased at the assigned Engineer, she is very helpful, and has spent many hours trying to fix this for me, but it is slow progress as our dedup store is pretty huge, plus we are just generating logs, so yes - it is slow progress. Since we operate different hours, I did ask that someone call me back at 9.00am this morning, but that never happened, and I find myself on the phone to find other engineers who can help, what prompted me to write this is the call I just came off.


Endless ringing and then I finally get through to someone who says "Hello", I say "Hello" in return and he says "What?" - So I explained, I have been transfered through to him as I have an existing case open and I assumed he would be the one to help me.  He put the phone down on me.


Do I really need to say this publicly for help to be given? Really? - I am not impressed, this has been a business critical issue now over two weeks old and I am no closer to having it fixed, infact, I am worse off because at least I was able to restore before, now I can't backup or restore to dedup and people don't call when they are supposed to, or worse just disconnect the call when I actually do get through to someone.


Needless to say, I'm a bit upset.

Hi MissLL... Checking in to

Hi MissLL...

Checking in to make sure that your case has been resolved.  Do you need anything further?

Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions or need anything else.