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Backupexec 2010 stopped working E0000383 - Failed to log on to MS windows.

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Server 2008 stn x86 that is a domain controller has worked great until 2/16 and now errors with E0000383 - Failed to log to Microsoft windows.

We are using the domain administrator account with backup-exec so I know it has all the rights. We have not changed the password for the administrator account. I have reset the services credentials and reset the backup-exec logon account management account but that has not corrected the error.  I uninstalled and reloaded the backup-exec 2010 software.  Same error.  I applied all updates to Backup-exec 2010 still not working. After the reloaded, you cannot even create a backup job because the All resources show nothing.  The tape drive and the software is on this physical box and this is the server I will to backup.

If anyone has any more suggestions on how to correct this please let me know.


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Refer this:

Go to Be console - tools -network -logon account

make sure BE system logon account and default logon account have correct password.


Also refer this: