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Backupexec 2012 backups keep getting stuck saying loading media with Exchange 2007 server.

Whenever the backup for our Exchange 2007 server takes place, the backup will get stuck at various intervals and once stuck will keep running for days until I stop it without ever progressing. This would happen every time until I updated Backupexec to SP3 and installed the agent on the Exchange server. After that, the backup completed and I thought that was it.

However, the next scheduled backup, a week later, it got stuck again. I had to cancel it and retry. After that it was successful. The following week, it got stuck again but I was not able to get it to complete after restarting the backup. The backups run via a SCSI to a NAS box that is on its own separate VLAN to reduce network traffic. All the other servers backups work properly. I restarted both the NAS box and Exchange server and started a new backup today. It got stuck at about 101GB with a download speed of 1.5GB per Min. It says loading media and never progresses. What is the issue here? I am using Backupexec 12 w/ SP3.


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1) Are there sufficient free

1) Are there sufficient free space on your NAS?

2) Have you tried backing up to a local disk?


Yes, there is plenty of space

Yes, there is plenty of space on the NAS. No I have not backed up to a local disk. I don't really want to do that if I can avoid it.


Backing up to a local disk is

Backing up to a local disk is to eliminate the NAS as a source of the problem. Loading media indicates that the target could be a problem.

BTW, you should be more careful about tagging your discussions.  You are using BE 2012 and you have tagged your discussion as BE 11.x.  Also, do not refer to BE 2012 as BE 12 because BE 12 is an earlier version of BE and it is confusing.


My mistake. I must have hit

My mistake. I must have hit the wrong category. As a test, I removed the remote agent from the exchange server, rebooted the server and then ran the backup again. It was running at around 3GB per minute and it completed this time. So, I will have to see if it was a fluke or it will consistantly backup from now on. Another server is backing up now and appears to be backing up fine. So I guess that ruled out the NAS. So if it happens again, what else should I look at?