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Backupexec 2014 Verify Job very slow

Hello Community

I have got an Storage of 2 TB on a Windows 2012 Server. (Storage Pool, Parity, 1 Volume)
My Exchange Server should be backed up there. But after the job finishes the verfiy job will never end. Same for the catalog job. It seems not able to finish the job correctly and fails after a while (22+ houres.)

The exchange Server ist not big (around 140 Gb).

With BE 2012 this worked fine. Please help me out here.

Tipps allready done:

  • Seperate Verify jobs
  • Changed storage from GPT to MBR (Suggestion from Symantec)
  • Delayed catalog
  • not an Exchange backup
  • updated Agent

No matter what I change, the Verify or Catalog will fail. Runs around (0.03 MB per Minute. The Backup runs smoothly with 1400 MB/min)
On my secound storage (Windows 2008 R2) the backup runs perfekt.


Any help is welcome.




5 Replies

...make sure any AV installed

...make sure any AV installed isn't perhaps scanning the B2D folder...


Hello CraigV The AV (Endpoint

Hello CraigV

The AV (Endpoint Protection from Symantec) does not scan the Storage at all and the whole BE Folder is excluded.


Need some more help here!

OK... Is this a normal B2D?


Is this a normal B2D? Or a dedupe folder?


It was added as normal

It was added as normal Folder. 


Try running a Backup Exec

Try running a Backup Exec repair through Programs and Features.