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Backupexec Copy to Tape Jobs fail with 0xe00002f7 VFF Errors

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Hi Folks,

I have a Customer who is using Backupexec 2012 and is getting really frustrated with the following error:

He is doing a backup 2 disk 2 tape Exchange Backup Plan with a Exchange 2007 Server and a Exchange 2010 Server

The Copy to disk Job runs fine, but when this job is being copied to tape he receives the error posted in the attached screenshot:

Why is the copy Job trying to contact the Exchange Server? From my understanding the Copy Job is only Copying the already succesful backup to tape with no interaction to Exchange at all.

Can someone shine a light on this?




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Are both the 2007 and 2010 Exchange Managerment tools installed on the Media server?

There have been some VFF issues fixed in Service Packs for Backup Exec so make sure all of the live updates are installed.

also have you (the customer) tried recreating these jobs?

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Try this KB -

It works for BE 2012 as well.

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Hi, after we implemented the Reg-Key it seemed to work. However last night the error did occur again.

The Management Tools for Exchange are installed on the machine.

The most confusing thing for me is that it only happens for the duplicate job.After reading your article I got the impression that BE DOES "look" in the exchange server even for duplicate jobs. Is this assumption correct?

Thank you,